WPC Roma 2022

The WPC ROMA 2022 event program will take place in Rome, Italy from Saturday April 30th  to Tuesday , May the 3rd  

WPC ROMA 2022, an event built around the awards ceremony of the WPC/World Photographic Cup 2020-2021 and 2022, is the very first chance to meet again in person and celebrating professional photography with the best authors from five continents! We are aware and proud that The World Photographic Cup is of enormous value for the photographic industry and for each participating country, and we wanted be sure to celebrate an event filled with amazing atmosphere and great enthusiasm from all participants!

The whole event includes an international speakers’ program, meetings, awards ceremonies, dinner-parties, photographic exhibitions and a trade area and a social program of guided tours inside the eternal city. We also organized 2 photographic tours of 3 days and half, 1 in Sorrento/Amalfi Coast before the WPC event (April 27-30) and 1 in Val d’Orcia(Tuscany) after the event (May 4-7). All the social program tickets are limited, hurry up to register if you are interested!

The WPC ceremony in Rome, scheduled on Monday May 2nd, starting at 18.00, will be preceded by the celebration of the Italian WPC qualifiers (Saturday April 30th) and by the FEP Awards 2022 (the prestigious Golden Cameras as well as the FEP Book Prize etc. on  Sunday May 1st ). That will  make the whole event even more attractive and complete.

How to participate…


Please register online , and purchase or just book your “tickets” for the single sub-events. Registration area will be open very soon at this page: https://www.worldphotographiccup.org/register-for-wpc-2022-event/

The event includes:
Educational Classes: Tickets Ev 04 (ITA) FREE / Ev 10 (ENG) FEE
Award presentations: Tickets Ev 01-02-03 (ITA) FREE /07/12 (ENG) FREE
Aperitifs/Dinner parties: Tickets Ev 08/09/13 FREE / FEE
Guided visits Tickets: Ev 06/14/ (ENG) FEE
Meetings Tickets: Ev 05/11/15/16 (ENG) FREE
Exhibitions Tickets: Ev 17 FREE



Please consider that due to COVID-19 restrictions and to allow distancing, the spots will be limited. In addition, to participate in indoor-events, as of today’s safety regulations, it is necessary to be fully- vaccinated and wear a FFP2 mask. Before coming, check the current legislation on Covid-19 and be sure that you are in compliance with what is required.

Safety requirements for making the journey and during your staying…  

We remind you once again that it is important for everyone to verify the possession of the safety requirements for the access of visitors to Italy, prior to plan the journey. You will find a useful information on this link: Covid-19 – Travelers (salute.gov.it)