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WPC Singapore 2023

The 10th Annual WPC Awards Ceremony will take place on the 17th of March 23 in the prestigious Ball Room of the Furama RiverFront Hotel in Singapore. It will be a great way to celebrate together this year’s winners, but also to celebrate the milestone of ten years of uninterrupted growth and success of the WPC. The event program, organized in cooperation with WPC Team Singapore and the local SPDA association, will start with international arrivals on Thursday 16 March.Friday 17 March, in the morning, you can take part in a fantastic private sightseeing of one of the most fascinating cities in the world. In the afternoon and in the evening, the highlight of the event, with the Awards Ceremony, followed by the inauguration of the WPC-ChromaLuxe exhibition, and a rich gala-dinner. On Saturday 18 March the WPC program will end with the usual face-to-face meetings with the team captains and the WPC Governing Committee, while Sunday 19 will be the return day. Singapore International Airport is directly connected to all the major airports in the world, and for overnight stays, in addition to the Furama Riverfront Hotel, we will suggest you a vast and diversified accommodation.

How To Participate/Register To The Event

Participation is through “Eventbrite” tickets, now available! You can now register for the WPC Singapore 2023 event exclusively from our online registration page, by booking (for free) for the ceremonies and meetings, or by purchasing tickets for the gala-dinner and sightseeing. We ask you to hurry with the registrations, and to buy your tickets without waiting for the last moment, for many reasons: it will allow you to get cheaper flights and better accommodation, and we will better organize the whole event without having to do “somersaults” in the last few days. Some of the tickets allow free admission, others forcibly have a limited number of spots and some events are accessible with a fee.

Before to book your tickets, read the Full Program and all the Useful Event Information published on this website.

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