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WPC ROMA 2022 An event built by photographers for photographers, both Italian and international, around the awards ceremony of the WPC/World Photographic Cup (2020-21-22) which will take place in Rome on May 2nd starting at 18:00. A chance to meet again and celebrating professional photography with the best authors from 5 continents! WPC ROMA 2022 is an unrepeatable event open to all photographers and photography lovers. Some events are absolutely free of charge. The whole event takes place from April 30th to May 3rd in Rome.

ATTENTION: Check what is the location for each sub-event you are registering for!

On the tickets that you will get by email, after registration,  you will always see the address of the WPC Awards Ceremony (Roma Eventi Piazza di Spagna) but not all our sub-events take place there! Some – like for example the International Speakers Program on Monday May 2 morning as well as our exhibition of the winners images of WPC 2022, the trade area and the secretariat – will be at the Studio Orizzonte Gallery.

Events (Tickets) 01-02-03-04-10-15-16-17 will be at the Studio Orizzonte Gallery. 

Events (Tickets) 05-07-08-09-12-13-14 will be at the Roma Eventi Piazza di Spagna congress center

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