Bent Nygaard Larsen

Bent Nygaard Larsen is a skilled photographer in 1981 and worked as a commercial photographer for several years before he joined one of the world’s largest photographic companies Kodak, as a technical sales representative. He was educated with in chemistry process control and digital photography and had responsibility for portrait, advertising, fashion, media and industrial photographers.

In 1991 Fujifilm subsidiary in Denmark and Bent was head huntet from Kodak to Fuji and was thereby contributed to structure the photographic professional market in Denmark. As key account manager and later sales manager Bent was responsible for analog, digital photo and print on the Danish market by various professional wholesalers. After a time as a marketing manager in the car industry, came Bent back to the photo industry in 2009, this time as ceo for dff / Dansk Fotografisk Forening (dppa / the Danish Professional Photographers Association). dff (dppa) is one of the world’s oldest, from 1879, industry, network and umbrella organization for professional photographers in Denmark. dff provide a whole hearted effort in information, education and networking for our members in all branches of the photographic industry. Bent constantly working to improve the conditions of professional photographers and maintain copyright and additional training for photographers and is very artiv on several boards, both nationally and internationally.