The WPC 2021 social media program on Facebook. Fourth episode: March 26, at 19.00 CET

WAITING THE 2021 WPC ANNOUNCEMENT…The expectation grows!

Who will win the bronze, silver and gold medals in all of the six categories of the WPC competition? What will be the top ten teams and overall the nation that will win the World Photographic Cup 2021?

The final winners announcement is coming up in about 3 weeks (Monday, April 19th at 19:00 CET).

In the meanwhile, our WPC 2021 social media program on Facebook continues with the Fourth episode of “WAITING for WPC ROMA 2021”: we will be again live on Facebook next Friday, March 26, at 19:00 Central European Time

In this episode: you will discover how global is the WPC, watching the amazing interviews with Paul Wright (Canada, reportage), Joseph Goh Meng Huat (Singapore, architecture) and Roger Tan (Malaysia, wedding and illustration).

We will show you the fantastic images awarded with a gold medal in the first four editions of the WPC (2014-2017), celebrating their authors and countries. Countries in the golden circle have been 15, so far, in the WPC seven editions… (we will show the gold medals achieved in the six categories in the edition 2018-2020 in the next episode, in two weeks). In this episode, we will also celebrate the Top 10 images 2021 in the REPORTAGE category, commented by WPC Committee member Jan Pohribny.

We’ll complete our look at the 2021 Finalists with the Wedding images in the next episode, scheduled Friday April 09 , at 19:00 CET.