The World Photographic Cup 2019 is open for entries!

Dear fellow photographers from all over the world!
it’s time to start to create your new national team for the edition 2019 of the WPC!

The number 6 World Photographic Cup is coming up: are you ready for a new amazing experience?
Registrations are open, and the competition will close on October 31st

Last edition, we had thirty countries participating, the highest number in our five year history. Our goal for 2019 is to have at least forty countries participating and we hope you consider being a part of it. Becoming a participant not only will offer more opportunities for the photographers you represent, but it can inspire national pride and give your association or country a high recognition with your members and others, worldwide.

Teams generally are created by a national association, but if you are not a part of an association, consider applying/organizing a WPC team from your country!

You can find information on the competition and all you need to know about the WPC here

Please feel free to reach out to us: if you have any questions, contact our CEO, Giuseppe Scozzi (Italy) at 

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