30 WPC Best of Nations awarded!

The winners of WPC will be revealed  in just over a month’s time, on May 6th, in Sydney, Australia. Before reaching the most attention for the WPC Finals and to reveal the cherry on top of the cake, meaning which team will get the WPC Cup 2018, the World Photographic Cup’s Best of Nation winners have been rewarded today in Bray, Ireland .

With this ceremony, the WPC inaugurated a special award for the authors of each team’s best image.

The winners of the Nation Awards have been presented with their “best of team” certificates by the members of the WPC Governing Committee, Jean Félix Bernetel and Neil Warner. “With this brand new award, WPC intends to give just recognition to the authors of the highest scored images entered by each and all teams”, said Jean Félix. “We saw a really superb collection of images from all over the world!”, added Neil Warner.

All attending Best of nation winners or their representatives have also received a luxury print of their winning images offered by the WPC Gold Sponsor ChromaLuxe.

Best congratulations to all the 30 winners!

Images available soon online!

Here are the winners:

Australia, Keren Dobia (portrait)
Austria, Markus Berger (reportage)
Belgium, Ann Coppens (nature)
Brazil, Jackson Carvalho de Albuquerque (commercial)
Canada, Paul Wright (reportage)
China, Xiaojun Fan (wedding)
Colombia, Henry Agudelo Cano (reportage)
Czech Republic, Ladislav Kamarád (nature)
Denmark, Cristina Reuter (reportage)
Finland, Onni Wiljami Kinnunen (commercial)
France, Gaétan Lecire (portrait)
Ireland, Vincent O’Byrne (illustration)
Italy, Massimo Giorgetta (nature)
Japan, Haseo Hasegawa (portrait)
Latvia, Eleonora Grigorjeva (commercial)
Malaysia, EngTong Tan (nature)
Mexico, Eduardo Gómez (illustration)
New Zealand, Loren O’Connor (portrait)
Norway, Stig Håvard Dirdal (commercial)
Pakistan, Gulraiz Ghouri (nature)
Philippines, Bob Lacson (nature)
Portugal, Diamantino Jesus (illustration)
Russia, Igor Sakharov (commercial)
Singapore, Raymond Phang (wedding)
Slovakia, Dušan Holovej (commercial)
Spain, Jesús de Pedro García (nature)
Sweden, Andreas Varro (commercial)
Thailand, Nophadon Achasuntisuk (reportage)
United Kingdom, Gerry Coe (nature)
United States, Gail Nogle (reportage)