30 national teams in the World Photographic Cup!


WPC just closed the team registrations.

Thanks once again for submitting so many amazing pictures.

The competition at its fifth edition reached a new record number of 30 entries! You will find the list of all entered national teams HERE

Congratulations to all, and a special warm welcome to new entries from Brazil, Colombia, Latvia and Malaysia… the photographic family is growing up.

Now, the next steps are:

The Validation phase.  The WPC organization will check if there is any problem with any of the submitted images and in case will inform those of you interested.

Judges briefings  online will be dedicated to the WPC national judges on Monday 23 October, 10:00 am CET (Brussels time)  and on Tuesday 24 October, at 22:00 CET.

The judges will receive all needed information about the judging, including some new scoring rules.

The judging phase  will start on November 1st.

Good luck and best wishes…

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