Registration for WPC 2016 are still open!

Registration for WPC 2016 are still open! (Deadline Sept 30th)

Before submitting your registration, please check the list below. Only one team per country is allowed.

Registered Teams

Team Australia  Team Coordinator: Kylie Lyons

Team Austria  Team Coordinator: Brigitte Corn

Team Belgium   Team Coordinator: Nikki Huts

Team Canada    Team Coordinator: Andre Amyot

Team China    Team Coordinator: Miss Maria 馬志霞

Team Denmark  Team Coordinator: Bent Nygaard

Team Finland    Team Coordinator: Anna Kaleva-Tsagklas

Team Germany  Team Coordinator: Bernd Gassner

Team Italy        Team Coordinator: Maurizio Besana

Team Japan       Team Coordinator: Noboru Okamoto

Team Mexico    Team Coordinator: Marian Bliss Blake

Team Pakistan  Team Coordinator: Muzammil Izhar Siddiqui

Team Philippines Team Coordinator: Eduviges Y. Huang

Team Poland Team Coordinator: Marek Czarnecki

Team Russia Team Coordinator: Kseniya Lebed

Team Singapore Team Coordinator: George Lin

Team Slovakia  Team Coordinator: Martin Vrabko

Team United Kingdom Team Coordinator:  Chris Harper


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