WPC Rome 2020 event

WPC Rome 2020, Register now to the most awaited photographic event of 2020!

WPC continues to offer exciting new destinations for its annual ceremony! After the USA, France, Portugal, Japan, Australia and Norway, this time the announcement of the winners will take place in Italy in Rome, on March 23, 2020, inside the wonderful Salone Margherita, in the hearth of Rome!

This year, the WPC Awards Ceremony will be the pinnacle of a 4 days rich program, which starts on Saturday 21 with a welcome drink at the reception of the secretariat inside the Studio Orizzonte Gallery. It continues on Sunday morning with 4 Italian Master Photographers’ presentations (always translated in English), and a wedding workshop, and International presentations and a Portrait workshop on Monday morning. On Sunday evening there will be the FEP Awards ceremony and finally on Monday 23, the WPC Winners Announcement, at the Salone Margherita, at 6.30 pm, followed by a dinner party inside the theater. The announcement will be streamed online on the WPC official page on facebook. On Tuesday 24 the WPC face to face meeting and the opening of the WPC Winners 2020 exhibition.

For the accompanying people or for all the ones interested, WPC Rome 2020 Secretariat is also organizing some guided tours inside Rome on Sunday and Monday and amazing tour outside Rome on Tuesday (Villa d’Este, Tivoli)!

Post event Tours: In addition to that, we are also organizing 2 amazing post-event tours, one to Val d’Orcia(Toscany) and one to Sorrento/Capri/Amalfi Coast. These tours will be held on March 25-28. The first one will be a Photographic Safari with a food and wine tour, the second one will also includes cooking lessons. The tour leaders of these amazing trips will be our WPC Governing Committee members Jan Pohribny (Toscany) and Bert Behnke (Amalfi Coast).

Discover the whole program and register now for this incredible event at the dedicated website www.wpcroma2020.com, where you may also find some accommodations tips. Watch out! For all the events of the program there is a limited number of attendees and will be necessary to book in advance, purchasing the tickets online. The guided visits and the post-conf tours will be done only if a minimum number of people will register, if you are interested.. Register now!

Picture by © Simona Barrella, Studio Orizzonte Gallery, Rome, Italy

MEETING POINT – The space that will serve as a meeting point for the whole program will be the trendy and stylish “Studio Orizzonte Gallery“, located in the Parioli district, the most elegant area of the city of Rome, not far from the center. It will be hosted there the workshops, the entire speakers program, the WPC “face to face” meeting, and, from March 24th, the WPC winners exhibition, printed by ChromaLuxe

Picture by © Daniele Grasso, Italy

AWARDS CEREMONIES LOCATION – The Awards ceremonies for the FEP European competitions and WPC 2020, and the following dinners, will take place in the prestigious and historic Salone Margherita Theatre, one of the most elegant theatres in the capital, a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps.

There will be delegates from 40 countries attending, amazing photography, international fellowship, exciting programming, history, wine and food to live and savor.

If you have any questions, or you want more info, you may also message info@worldphotographiccup.org

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Download here the PDF Dossier of the whole event, a full information for planning your trip! (Program, logistic information, useful contacts, suggestions..) WPC ROMA 2020 PROGRAM AND INFO

Register now… some events are subjected to a minimum/maximum number of attendees, and have a date (every day closer) beyond which it will no longer be possible to register…