World Photographic Cup 2020

It is our firm belief that the practice of photography transcends language, culture and geography.

The World Photograpic Cup unites photographers worldwide in a spirit of friendship and co-operation.

Every  single country is eligible to form a national team and compete in this one-of-a-kind  competition.

There are many photographic competitions, but there is only one World Photographic Cup!

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Erich Caparas, United States | Silver Medal, Portrait | World Photographic Cup 2018

Official Registration for WPC 2020 is open.

If you are ready to register and you are the official contact for your country then please fill in the form below.

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Dmitry Arkhipov, Russia | 7th Place, Nature (Landscape and Wildlife) | World Photographic Cup 2018

Are you an interested photographer?

If you are interested in participating in WPC 2020, please let us know and we’ll  let your local association know!

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What happens next?

After registration teams will have until October 15 to make their entries, judging will happen in Autumn 2019 and the finalists will be invited to the WPC Awards Ceremony in March 2020

Timeline for WPC 2020

  • Registration of Entries Open: June 1, 2019
  • Registration of Entries Closes: October 15, 2019
  • Judging Open: November 2019
  • Judging Closes: December 2019
  • Finalist and Best of Nation Awards will be announced on January 2020 at Imaging USA, in Nashville, TN
  • Winners will be announced at the WPC Awards Ceremony in Rome, Italy, on March 23, 2020