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Chromaluxe EMEA

ChromaLuxe EMEA has recently become the newest partner of FEP. ChromaLuxe aims to grow its network in the world of Professional Photography and aspires to become a preferred solution for HD quality prints all over Europe.

ChromaLuxe is an official WPC Friend!     
ChromaLuxe is a new technology of transfer printing, and it is a new market for photographers. It is an HD “metal print” in fascinating quality. It opens new opportunities for the photographer to present to his customers “something new”.

About ChromaLuxe HD Prints
ChromaLuxe HD panels are one of the most exciting products to enter the photo market in recent times. They bring a new high quality level to printing on metal plates with a color range and an almost 3 dimensional luminescence that far exceeds UV direct printing and is on the same level as classic photo prints with or without acrylic top plates.
Ideal for top end gallery and exhibition printing, as well as office and home décor. 100% water resistant and with an unbelievably hard coating they are exceptionally durable. Scratch, fire and chemical resistant. Also lightweight for shipping and easy to hang.

About ChromaLuxe
ChromaLuxe is part of the Universal Woods group of companies. ChromaLuxe HD panels are an exciting new print substrate for gallery and exhibition archival prints. Produced using a sublimation print process, they offer exceptional color range combined with exceptional durability.Universal Woods EMEA is situated near the village of Schelle, 5km from the city of Antwerp in Belgium. It was established in 2011 to support sales of ChromaLuxe and sister products in the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. The parent company is Universal Woods Inc. of Louisville KY in the USA which has been trading since the 1970’s. All manufacturing of ChromaLuxe product is done at the Louisville plant to very strict quality and environmental standards. The company produces the following brands – ChromaLuxe, Unisub (sublimated gift media) and ResinDek (flooring system).

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COMET is taking a major role in the history of Strobe System for Professional use since we started the development of strobe system made of the vacuum tubes.

Though the electric circuit then took about 15 seconds to recharge the strobe, the transistor circuit shortened the recycling time (recharging time) to about five seconds.

Then the LSI and CPU technology helped us shorten the recycling time to 1.1 second and the constant flash light and the multi-functions were achieved.

COMET combined power pack and strobe head and small and light weight “Mono Block Type” strobe was introduced.

This “Mono Block Type” lets you use strobe in various shooting places other than studios.

Nowadays, we have a line up of computer controlled strobe and Local Area Network type strobe that are the essential part of the cutting edge  lighting system to address digital photo imaging technology.

It is our mission to support professional photographers for their creative performances. COMET is always committed to developing such lighting technology.

Expanding the fields of COMET

The lighting produced by COMET products are utilized in the various fields in combination with various equipments.

Our lighting products cover not only the visible range, but also the range of Ultra Violet and infrared rays. We believe our UV pulse sterilization system, infrared rays based Security Camera and Non-Destructive Inspection System are quite beneficial for our society.

We are very happy to offer you our know-how and we are always ready to answer to your questions about photographic lightings.

ほくしん / Hokushin

Our company (HOKUSHIN) started manufacturing painted wall in 1968. In 1976 we successfully started producing painted wall in sheet form, since then we have been selling various products for which the surface texture is of the utmost importance worldwide.

In the year 2000 we started producing a new improved waterbesed media for ink jet printers, in 2010 we succeeded in producing an ink that in conjunction with the inkjet printers lead to superior quality printed photographs.

We are the company that has been at the forefront in developing new ways to use various materials.

HOKUSHIN’s new paper is going to be essential in increasing the expressive qualities of photographs.

The lifelike texture which is used in the painted wall materials and the surface that enhances the expressed colors gives people a new visual experience, increased mental stimulation, and adds value to the photographs.

Our goal is to develop various materials that will increase the potential for a wide range of expressions.

Because of this we will keep on developing and producing new products that give fresh stimulation, allow for new discoveries and represent new values for our valued customers.

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Koy Lab


Koy Lab is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and printing of digital photography albums. Founded in 1977, as a professional photography lab, we soon initiated our search for new challenges and markets and, therefore, since 2001, we have been developping our business in printing and creating digital albums, guided by the wish of meeting the needs and expectations of professional photographers.

The variety of products and services, always subjected to rigorous quality control, our delivery times and our competitive prices have allowed us to respond positively to this purpose, along with our growth and position in this industry.

Our mission

Koy Lab’s mantra is based on excellence in everything we do. This philosophy is fundamental in creating every product that comes out of our hands. We do not simply make another album. We are constantly innovating, reinventing and challenging ourselves to create products that redefine quality. Therefore, each product is the best of us and of this art.

Our team
We are a family business and our team, or family, as we like to call it, include our clients, which are the centre of everything we do. At Koy Lab, we respect each one’s individuality, but we all have a wish in common: creating the best albums. This desire is translated into the products we present our clients.

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Photo Create

Photocreate Co., Ltd. management philosophy is “Sending to all people with an impression as form”.

We advocate the realization of “PhotoLife design ~ for quality of life ~” in a vision, and send “a good photograph” in the turning point of the customer and aim at the business to describe the story of the each person’s life in.

Our company sells “the good photograph” which a professional photographer photographed in a place of the education led by the school and every scene including an athletic meet and the culture event including the Honolulu marathon through the Internet.

Now we cross local photo studio and partnership for the infrastructure of the photograph to spread “a good photograph” towards most more and sell school photos now through we photograph service site.

As a partner of the photo studio, we want to change the culture of the photograph industry into more photographs and a style to create a purchase opportunity.